Day: July 14, 2017

Reflection on Matthew 13:1-9

By kingwood in Church Life on July 14, 2017

Reflection on Matthew 13:1-9

Our message for the week centers on one of Jesus’ most memorable stories.  Jesus loved to tell a good story.  Who doesn’t like a story?  The only thing is that Jesus’ stories were unique often having hidden meanings beneath the surface.  He often said, “Let those who have ears hear.” The fact is that some are ready listen and receive the message and others are not. The practice of good listening sits at the center of Jesus’ parable as well.

Hearing spiritually is related to the concept of deep listening. Personally, over the past several months, I have been trying to develop my capacity for listening for God, even repeating, “I am listening,” under my breath throughout the day. Deep listening is more than receiving though. Jesus reminds us that that we are to listen with compassion. We listen to understand and finally we listen with intention, specifically the intention to act. In fact, the Greek word eisakouo can be defined as to hear, to heed, or to obey. Just as a teacher may instruct his/her students to listen closely because the material can be on the test; Jesus tells the crowd to listen not only to understand, but also to act on the teaching, to obey and bear fruit.

Consider for a moment, how can you develop your ear for deep listening? We listen for Jesus to speak through the scriptures, the voice of a friend, the sound of a rushing stream, a gentle breeze or a quiet moment of solitude. It is through listening to the words and practicing the ways of Jesus that we will find life over-flowing and full of meaning.

See you Sunday,