Day: February 2, 2018

It all starts here…

By kingwood in Church Life on February 2, 2018

The life and words of Saint Francis continue to challenge and inspire us almost 800 years after his death. The resounding message he leaves us is that of worship, living in a constant practice of praise and adoration for God. He praises God for this and praises God for that. In every situation, whether it be seemingly good or bad upon viewing it from the outside…he praises God. How is he able to live like this?

I believe the key to his devotion is this. To believe that there is no time, to place, no situation in which God is not loving us. Allow yourself to consider the implications of this statement upon daily life. What if we trusted that in all circumstances, good and bad, that God was right in middle of it loving us? What if we believed that God claims every event, every conversation, every failure and success to love us and teach us again what love is? If you think about it, affirming this statement not only ushers us into a life of praise, but invites us to reinterpret everything.