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By kingwood in Church Life on August 4, 2017

As most of you know, over the past several months a team of leaders from our church have been commissioned and resourced by the Coastal Plains Area for a very important initiative to visit some of our denomination’s most vibrant and growing congregations. Our first visit was to Middletown Christian Church in Louisville, KY and our second trip was to Geist Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN. We are in the process of planning a third trip to a sister congregation here in Texas for later this month. Our objective is to observe the guiding principles and healthy practices that enable these congregation to flourish in reaching all generations.

During our visits, we were like sponges soaking up every conversation, insight and experience. We attended worship services and special events, observed Sunday school and small group gatherings for all ages, and interviewed pastoral staff, lay leadership and various congregation members. Among many helpful insights, one prominent characteristic stood out. Churches that effectively reach all generations place a HUGE priority on children and youth. In fact, one pastor said that reaching children and youth is the first priority among the leadership of the church. This begs the question, “What would KCC look like if we decided that reaching children and youth was our number one priority? How would this priority effect worship, small groups, service opportunities, fellowship events, our church budget and facilities?” Imagine what that would look like.

This week, two excellent leaders have joined our staff to serve in this key area. Emily Hollibaugh joins us as the Interim Director of Children’s Ministry and Denise Morris as the Interim Children’s Ministry Event Coordinator. We are blessed to have such talented leaders to guide our children through this time of transition.

Together, Chad

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