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Church…You Inspire Me

By Chad Mattingly in Church Life on May 2, 2018

Sometimes you just see something great and need to stop to celebrate it. Well I had one of those moments this past Sunday morning after worship. Our church has entered a season where God is sending visitors our way, entrusting us with new, precious individuals and couples with teenagers and children. It is so humbling to see these new faces walk through our doors again and again because they sense that God is a work in this community of people. “Hallelujah, praise the Lord!”

These precious souls, old and young, are not just visiting once or twice never to be seen again. They are visiting and returning. They are trying out Sunday school, Children’s Church, Sisters groups, Big Gig and Songaze. They are joining us in deliberative dialogues, service projects and work days. They are beginning to join committees and care teams. Again, “Hallelujah, praise the Lord!”

Why are these new folks coming and staying? Is it because of the beautiful music offered every Sunday? Perhaps. Is it because of a thoughtful and engaging sermon? Maybe. Is it because of our core values of love, not judgment, extravagant welcome and inclusion, open-minded conversations and compassionate service? Probably. But what is the primary reason we are seeing more and more new faces joining our church family? It is because of what I saw on Sunday morning. I saw easily 20-25 of our members, new and old, actively engaging and befriending our visitors. Literally, our visitors were late for lunch because so many of our folks wanted to say “Hi,” shake their hand, be friendly, hear about them and let them know how glad we were that they joined us in worship. Once more,”Hallelujah, praise the Lord.”

Let me just tell you. That sight made this pastor’s heart swell with gratitude and pride. Church family, we are reaching new neighbors and growing because of God’s Spirit at work inside of you. You inspire me!


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