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Claiming Your Holy Ground

By Chad Mattingly in Church Life on March 28, 2018

Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.  Exodus 3:5

If you imagine a land cleared and cultivated, prepared and blessed with new growth, Holy Week is the time of its consecration. The word consecration means to claim or set aside for holy purposes. Remember with me the extraordinary scene where Moses encounters the burning bush. He stumbles into a cave, seemingly by accident, and finds a bush that is burning, but not consumed. Then a voice emanating from the bush calls his name, “Moses, Moses! Come no closer. Remove you sandals, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” The voice identified itself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Overwhelmed with fear, Moses hid his face in reverence for God. With the act of removing his sandals and closing his eyes, Moses claimed this cave as a holy meeting space with God. It was in that holy space that God revealed an extraordinary calling to Moses.

This week, I encourage you to claim your holy ground, your sacred meeting place with God somewhere in your home. You might use an entire room or just a corner or alcove. Design the space so it feels comfortable and welcoming, include furniture or pillows to sit on. Bring into the space any objects you regard as sacred – books, photos, candles, nature objects, icons, or other sacred symbols. Display them in such a way that you feel surrounded by them.

Enter this space each day and allow yourself to rest in it. As you enter, remove your shoes and close your eyes. Imagine yourself and the space filled with holiness, the very Spirit of God. Pray, using words if you like, or pray without words by sitting quietly in the presence of God. Perhaps on Thursday, commemorate the Last Supper by taking communion in your holy space. And on Friday, read the scriptures and mediate on the Passion of Christ’s crucifixion. Then on Easter morning, claim your holy space as the empty tomb.

Friends, please know that God yearns to meet with you. So claim your Holy Ground, then listen for the still, small voice of the Spirit to whisper God’s hopes and dreams for your life.

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