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Excellence Never Sits On Its Hands

By kingwood in Church Life on August 23, 2017


I was talking with one of our members the other day who works in the executive office for Humble ISD, one of the best and most awarded school districts in the state. She told me something interesting. Recently, the senior staff took a trip to Google headquarters to tour the campus, observe the organizational culture and learn from their executive leadership. One might ask, “Why would they do this? Why would one excellent, executive team travel to observe another excellent, but very different organization?” The answer is simple. Excellence never sits on its hands. It is always learning, always growing, always seeking to get better.

Several times lately I have been asked, “Why are we making all these trips to visit other Disciples of Christ congregations?” The same principle applies. Though Kingwood Christian Church does many things well, we can learn much from other thriving, growing congregations. This past weekend our Evangelism Task Force visited First Christian Church of Tyler, a congregation averaging about 250 in worship each Sunday. Interestingly, FCC Tyler was the size of our church 8 years ago. In the past 8 years, their congregation grew significantly in ministry involvement, community service and membership (specifically reaching young families). How did they do it? What were the key decisions and initiatives that inspired this growth?

This is why we made these trips, to observe, to listen, to be inspired, and to discern what translates to our context. The Evangelism Task Force looks forward to sharing our experiences and findings with you in the coming months as we enter this exciting season of discernment and new directions.

With great love,

Chad Mattingly

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