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Teach Us How to be Poor

By Chad Mattingly in Church Life on April 25, 2018

In my devotions this morning, I came across a provocative and powerful prayer based on the writings of Saint Francis that I offer to you as a focus for meditation. Allow its challenging sentiment to speak to you as make your way through the day.

Creator God, give us ears, make us rich soil like the rich soil in the Gospel parable of the seeds (Matthew 13). Fill us with life so that we can receive the words of life that you offer. We thank you for loving us and for leading us to this moment of life.

This day, allow us to hear anew. Allow us to receive afresh. Allow us to become all that you want us to become, for your sake, for the coming of the Kingdom.

Teach us to be poor. We don’t know how. We only know how to be rich. We’ve had everything. We do not know how to live without. We do not know how to trust you Lord.

Renew our world with the love of Jesus. Give us hearts in fire for Jesus so we can look and see nothing else. In the name of Christ we ask these good things. Amen

Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, “Blessed are the poor (in Spirit), for theirs is the Kingdom of God.” May we be people who embrace our poverty, our need for God that we might be like fertile, receptive soil for the Kingdom to flourish in us and through us.

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