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What is a Christian Seder Meal?

By Chad Mattingly in Church Life on March 21, 2018

Holy Week is upon us. Can you believe it? Beginning with Palm Sunday, we retrace the steps of Jesus through that fateful week from the upper room and Last Supper, to the garden, to the trial, to the cross and finally to the empty tomb on Easter morning.

Each year we offer a special service to remember the events of Holy Week. This year we celebrate the Christian Seder Meal. What is the Christian Seder Meal?  It all starts with Passover. Passover is the oldest and most important of Jewish religious festivals and marks the beginning of the Jewish religious year.  It is based on the rituals of ancient Israel preserved in Exodus 12 to 14 in which Israelites celebrated their deliverance by God from slavery in Egypt.

The focal point of Passover is a communal meal, called the Seder (meaning order).  It is a time of rejoicing and celebration at the deliverance for the Hebrews that God accomplished in the Exodus.  Unlike most Holy Days of Christianity that are observed in Church, Passover has been celebrated in the home with family and friends as they eat a meal together. The Seder is more than a festival.  It is a teaching experience, especially for the children, using all the senses.

Jesus adopted the Passover service as a symbol to help his followers remember and understand God’s new work of deliverance through Himself. So we, alongside Jewish communities all over the world, will gather next Thursday (March 29) at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall around tables for this really fun, interactive and informative meal for the whole family.

And do remember, it is a symbolic meal so eat dinner before you come;)

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