Day: November 30, 2018

Christmas is coming…

By Christy Janacek in Church Life on November 30, 2018

So if you haven’t heard, Christmas is coming. Presents are coming. Family is coming. Turkey and stuffing, Santa and elves, The Griswalds and Ralphie Parker are coming. Rudolph and Pepper, our elf on the shelf, Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey and Michael Buble are coming. Christmas is coming. But also the Messiah is coming. The Savior is coming. The God of the Universe in flesh is coming. Prepare ye the way.

We as Americans and Christians have packed so much into the four weeks between Thanksgiving and December 25, that there seldom seems to be enough time or energy to attend to the coming Messiah. Honestly, I don’t think it is because we have taken Christ out of Christmas. I think we’ve left Christ in Christmas. We’ve just buried him under layers of other things we’re also trying to celebrate like trees and family and presents and decorations and holiday traditions. I don’t know about you, but sometimes Christmas feels like trying to put 5 lbs. of fun into a 3 lb. bag. My Christmas schedule fills like a takeout container at Golden Corral, so full it won’t close, and Jesus is somewhere buried at the bottom. But… this… year…, I believe we long for Jesus to come to us again and show us the way to something new.

Advent means an anticipated arrival or the coming of a notable person. It is a season of preparing the way and then celebrating the arrival of the Savior, the Christ-child Jesus. I want to invite you into an intentional season of preparation for this holy arrival and provide you a resource for the journey. Below is the link to a daily devotional guide for the Advent season provided by the ministers and leaders of the Coastal Plains Area of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). I encourage you to carve out a few moments each day to read and reflect with these authors on the beauty and mystery of the season.

May God bless your preparation with a new and meaningful gift far greater than those found under your tree.

Merry Christmas, -Chad