Author: Christy Janacek

Welcoming New Friends

By Christy Janacek in Church Life on August 16, 2019

Welcoming New Friends

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work; If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

So simple, yet so true. Two are better than one. Not only can we accomplish more together and help each other up when we fall, but the experience of day to day life is just better, more meaningful, more satisfying when we have a friend by our side. Life is just better together.

Over the past year, Kingwood Christian Church has been in a season of welcoming new friends (Hallelujah!). From June of 2018 through June of 2019, we welcomed 92 new members and regular attenders into our church family. These new friends were drawn to KCC to many different reasons. They were new to the community and from a DOC background. They were looking for worship service with excellent traditional music or contemporary music. They were looking for a church with a good children’s or youth program. They were looking for a place where questioners are welcome. They were looking for a place committed to serving the Kingwood and surrounding communities. They were looking for a place that celebrates diversity, making space for all people at the table. They were looking for a place of extravagant welcome, openness and inclusion for all. For these and many other reasons, new friends are everywhere you look at KCC. 

As most of you know, we have recently (as of June 3) welcomed a new congregation of friends to share our facility as well. The Micronesian Houston Church (MHC), pastored by Ancherson William, is a Congregation in Formation with Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). For several years, this wonderful congregation, most of whom are from the Pacific island of Chuuke near Guam, have been meeting at various locations in our area and occasionally at our facility. As of early June, through the shared efforts of the KCC Board, Disciples of Christ Area leadership and MHC leadership, we have agreed to host the MHC in a season of shared ministry. Specifically, we have agreed to provide weekly office space of Pastor Ancherson, classroom space for weekly bible studies and meetings, and worship space for their weekly Sunday afternoon service. The MHC congregation, averaging 110-130 in average worship attendance, has agreed to bi-monthly rental payments as well as two work days on the KCC property per month.    

In our first three months of shared ministry, the MHC congregation is proving to be fantastic, gracious guests and truly new friends with which to worship God and serve our community. From the bottom of my heart I want to say, “THANK YOU KCC FAMILY!” Thank you for welcoming this beautiful congregation into our facility. Thank you for your flexibility in sharing our sacred space. Thank you for your generosity in donating school supplies and giving resources to ensure their 70+ school age kids have what they need to succeed. Thank you for your love for these new friends. You inspire me.

Together, -Chad  


By Christy Janacek in Church Life on January 18, 2019

Perhaps you didn’t know, but Kingwood Christian Church was the subject of my doctoral dissertation several years ago. The subject of my research was “Understanding Congregational Culture to Enable Effective Leadership.” Congregational culture is defined as the underlying beliefs, behaviors and practices within a congregation that determine “who we are” and “how we do things.”

So I invited 60 lay leaders from the past 10 years to complete a survey about our church culture. The survey identified our congregational identity, focus and dominant values. It assessed if we are people focused or task focused, inward focused or outward focused. It assessed if our dominant focus was Community Oriented; relationships and unity, Structure Oriented; function and organization, Flexibility Oriented; innovation and edginess, or Impact Oriented; results and mission.

Where do you think KCC came out? Our culture is strongly oriented to value and focus on community. The community oriented church is characterized by a warm, close-knit fellowship. The focus is inward and people-oriented. KCC aspires to be like an extended family. These are wonderful attributes that make our KCC family very deep and warm. One verse that came to mind was Galatians 6:10, “Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially those who belong to the family of believers.”

In 2018, we welcomed 42 new members into our church family and reintroduced ourselves to hundreds more neighbors in the area. Hallelujah, what a blessing to be growing! I completely expect this growth to continue. Thus, the all-important question becomes, “How can we continue to foster our close-knit, family feel while welcoming new friends?” The answer is a renewed focus and commitment to connection. This is the vision the staff will present at the upcoming Leadership Retreat, that over 80% of our congregation is connected to a small group outside of worship.

Please pray for these important efforts and stay tuned for opportunities to get involved.



Christmas Come Early

By Christy Janacek in Church Life on December 14, 2018

As you might expect, this article has caused quite a stir within our community. Everywhere I go someone is commenting about the article and inquiring about the church. One pastor from a prominent Kingwood congregation said, “Kingwood Christian Church is really becoming the church known for welcoming and loving everyone, especially those who do not fit the Kingwood mold.” I was so happy to hear him say that word is spreading about our little church, that our message (Love, not Judgment, Extravagant Welcome, Open-Minded Conversations and Compassionate Service) is taking root in our community.

I could not believe it on Sunday morning when someone laid the Houston Chronicle Religion section on my desk. To my surprise, it was a full-color, cover article (above the fold) about little Kingwood Christian Church and the launch of the Table Service. We knew that several reporters had attended on the Table launch Sunday, but had all but lost hope that an article was on its way. The article caption reads, “Kingwood Christian Church seeks to create a more inclusive, less formal service.” The article goes on to describe our church as one where following Jesus means breaking down barriers between people, loving and accepting everyone and celebrating diversity around The Table. 

This is the calling and mission that God has entrusted to us, that we would become a movement of welcome and inclusion that embraces all people as children of God and invites them to follow Jesus. Praise God! May it be so.  

In Peace – Chad  

How did KWCC’s Joy for the World Market come to be?

By Christy Janacek in Church Life on December 7, 2018

  How did Kingwood Christian Church’s Joy for the World Market come to be?

Back in 2008 my friend Karen Evans Head told me about a charity called Bead for Life that was helping women in Uganda feed their children by creating beads out of recycled colored magazine pages. She had seen a news story about it and thought it was the kind of thing our women’s ministry might want to get involved with. She was right!

The women of KCC fell in love with Bead for Life and their mission to empower women in Uganda to eradicate poverty “one bead at a time.” We hosted our first “Bead Party” that year, selling their unique colorful bracelets and necklaces in the church foyer over three Sundays in late November and raised $1632 our sisters in Uganda.

The following year we weren’t sure whether we should sell the jewelry again, since our members had been so generous the previous year. Would there be enough interest for another year? We decided it was worth another try to help our Ugandan sisters. To our pleasant surprise, we raised $1635 the following year. And so we just kept going.

For four years we hosted an annual Bead Party and we raised a total of $7086 for our sisters in Uganda. By this time, the women weren’t just able to feed their children 3 meals a day instead of 2, but they had created a whole village where women were able to purchase a plot of land and build their own home, which is everything. They also founded a Leadership Academy, empowering women with the knowledge of business knowledge and practices to create sustainable small businesses.

About this time my friend Mary Sue McIlvain told me about Alternative Gifts International, and the gift market that her church in San Antonio hosted every year. Our Bead for Life group decided it was time to take things to another level and our Joy for the World gift market was born in 2012 with 59 charities. We were thrilled to raise $13, 124.

Over the next five years, we hosted the one-day Joy Market and raised money for 90 local, national and international charities totaling $68,850. Each year, KCC supported our market by budgeting the money needed to promote and host our Joy Market, and the KCC family supported us by volunteering to coordinate charity booths and bake cakes and by doing their Christmas shopping at our market.

One of the unexpected blessings of our market has been building relationships with these charities over the years. When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas gulf coast in September, 2017, I received a phone call from the Executive Director of AGI, Surrinder Moore. She called to see how the church fared in the storm and if we needed anything. When I told her about the church opening our doors as a shelter for those displaced by flood waters, she said, without hesitation, “We want to help. I’m not sure how much, but we are sending a check to help KCC with the relief work you are doing.” Imagine our shock to receive a check for $5,000 the next week. This summer, KCC received a local food pantry grant from AGI in the amount of $1700 for our Feed My Lambs program. Because we already had budgeted funds to cover our Feed My Lambs program for the year, the money was used by our KCC youth to create welcome bags for folks who stop by the church seeking assistance with bills, food, and/or resources beyond what KCC can provide. Our middle and high school youth wanted to be able to offer something tangible to members of our community who visit our church needing assistance with basic needs. Our grant from AGI provided the funds to make their idea a reality. The greatest surprise came when the new AGI gift catalog came out this year and KCC was featured on page 2!

This year we are excited to host our Joy for the World “Mini” Market this Sunday, December 9, before and after 11:00am worship in the foyer of the Sanctuary and before and after our KCC Christmas Dinner and Variety Show at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall. Kingwood Christian Church is located at 3910 West Lake Houston Parkway. You will recognize some of your favorite charities and merchandise: Alternative Gifts International (AGI) catalog, Bead for Life, Equal Exchange coffee, olive oil and chocolate, SERRV, Rahab’s Rope, 2019 Grenada Mission Trip, Ten Thousand Villages, and a special opportunity to support for the Margreat Hakim family. Many gift items are under $10 and 100% of all purchases will go directly to the charities. All purchases can be paid for at one time with cash, check or credit card. So get ready for some fair-trade Christmas shopping! Grab your checkbooks, your piggy banks and your Christmas cash envelopes on your way to church Sunday morning and on your way back for our Christmas dinner & show on Sunday night. Partner with us in continuing our ten year tradition of bringing Joy to the World through our fair-trade market.

Lindy Nelson-Paryag
Board Chair KWCC

Christmas is coming…

By Christy Janacek in Church Life on November 30, 2018

So if you haven’t heard, Christmas is coming. Presents are coming. Family is coming. Turkey and stuffing, Santa and elves, The Griswalds and Ralphie Parker are coming. Rudolph and Pepper, our elf on the shelf, Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey and Michael Buble are coming. Christmas is coming. But also the Messiah is coming. The Savior is coming. The God of the Universe in flesh is coming. Prepare ye the way.

We as Americans and Christians have packed so much into the four weeks between Thanksgiving and December 25, that there seldom seems to be enough time or energy to attend to the coming Messiah. Honestly, I don’t think it is because we have taken Christ out of Christmas. I think we’ve left Christ in Christmas. We’ve just buried him under layers of other things we’re also trying to celebrate like trees and family and presents and decorations and holiday traditions. I don’t know about you, but sometimes Christmas feels like trying to put 5 lbs. of fun into a 3 lb. bag. My Christmas schedule fills like a takeout container at Golden Corral, so full it won’t close, and Jesus is somewhere buried at the bottom. But… this… year…, I believe we long for Jesus to come to us again and show us the way to something new.

Advent means an anticipated arrival or the coming of a notable person. It is a season of preparing the way and then celebrating the arrival of the Savior, the Christ-child Jesus. I want to invite you into an intentional season of preparation for this holy arrival and provide you a resource for the journey. Below is the link to a daily devotional guide for the Advent season provided by the ministers and leaders of the Coastal Plains Area of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). I encourage you to carve out a few moments each day to read and reflect with these authors on the beauty and mystery of the season.

May God bless your preparation with a new and meaningful gift far greater than those found under your tree.

Merry Christmas, -Chad