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By Christy Janacek in Church Life on January 18, 2019

Perhaps you didn’t know, but Kingwood Christian Church was the subject of my doctoral dissertation several years ago. The subject of my research was “Understanding Congregational Culture to Enable Effective Leadership.” Congregational culture is defined as the underlying beliefs, behaviors and practices within a congregation that determine “who we are” and “how we do things.”

So I invited 60 lay leaders from the past 10 years to complete a survey about our church culture. The survey identified our congregational identity, focus and dominant values. It assessed if we are people focused or task focused, inward focused or outward focused. It assessed if our dominant focus was Community Oriented; relationships and unity, Structure Oriented; function and organization, Flexibility Oriented; innovation and edginess, or Impact Oriented; results and mission.

Where do you think KCC came out? Our culture is strongly oriented to value and focus on community. The community oriented church is characterized by a warm, close-knit fellowship. The focus is inward and people-oriented. KCC aspires to be like an extended family. These are wonderful attributes that make our KCC family very deep and warm. One verse that came to mind was Galatians 6:10, “Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially those who belong to the family of believers.”

In 2018, we welcomed 42 new members into our church family and reintroduced ourselves to hundreds more neighbors in the area. Hallelujah, what a blessing to be growing! I completely expect this growth to continue. Thus, the all-important question becomes, “How can we continue to foster our close-knit, family feel while welcoming new friends?” The answer is a renewed focus and commitment to connection. This is the vision the staff will present at the upcoming Leadership Retreat, that over 80% of our congregation is connected to a small group outside of worship.

Please pray for these important efforts and stay tuned for opportunities to get involved.



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