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What’s Next?

By Chad Mattingly in Church Life on January 11, 2020

Believe it or not… another decade has come and gone, and we all stand on the cusp of a new, untouched year and decade to come. When you gaze at the horizon (tomorrow, next month, next year), what do you envision for your future? What new adventures lie ahead personally, professionally, relationally and spiritually? What’s next?

In these first few weeks of January, we will explore the Benedictine practice of making a Rule of Life. A Rule of Life is essentially a prayerful plan for becoming more attentive to God’s presence and activity in every day life. A Rule of Life helps us to notice or locate God, and join together in plotting goodness, compassion, justice and love. Your potential Rule of Life holds the power to significantly impact your, “What’s next?”

Our staff and leadership here at KWCC is asking the same question. Over the past few years many things have changed. We chose to courageously evaluate our health as a congregation and subsequently created an action plan to move toward renewed vitality and mission. We prayerfully started a new worship service that further embraced and embodied our calling to be the “inclusive church” in Kingwood. We have since welcomed over 100 new members and friends who now participate, contribute and serve throughout our church.

Thus we collectively ask the important question, “What’s next?” What are the next steps for our church as seek to faithfully follow God into this new year? This is the theme of our upcoming KWCC Leadership Retreat on January 17-18. This retreat includes all Board members, elders, deacons, ministry leaders and staff. Please pray for us in these important days of learning, conversation and discernment. Our next steps will require us to be prayerful and attentive to God’s guidance and dreams for us. Our next steps will require us to be courageous because following God always means stepping out beyond the comfortable shallows of faith and into depths of daily trust.

May our mantra for 2020 be found in Psalm 146.

Whom shall we trust? Blessed is the one whose help is in the Lord, whose hope is in God alone, the maker of heaven and earth, and sea , and everything in them – the Lord who remains faithful forever.